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Every donation helps us to reduce unwanted puppies and strays!

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23rd February : WORLD SPAY DAY!  Together we can make a difference!

Tuesday, 23 February - World Spay Day is always the last Tuesday in February each year. You can help StreetLife to reduce the number of unwanted puppies & stray dogs in our area.

You can support our StreetLife Animal Sterilisation Programme by making a small gift and helping us to continue our local sterilisation programme.


This can be via PayPal: or directly into our StreetLife Bank account: IBAN: PT50 0045 7100 4033 1764 4608 6 or via our NEW StreetLife Facebook donation button.  You can also donate here on this website - please go to our Donate page.


Every gift helps a sterilisation. Together we will reduce the number of unwanted puppies and strays in the East Algarve - Thank you for your help and support.  We are stronger working together as a team finding a solution to a problem … unwanted puppies!

We now have our ONLINE FORM for requesting assistance with sterilisation so please spread the word – let’s get all abandoned dogs and pets sterilised and end the suffering.  Click here to access the form

Sterilisation Awareness Month - February

Help solve the problem, Be wise …. Sterilise!

You can help us reduce the number of unwanted puppies and strays in the East Algarve.  We need you to help StreetLife spread the word.  Social media is very good at communicating to those who have mobiles, laptops and Wi-Fi; but what about those who live in the countryside who do not have access to all this technology.  That’s where we need your help.  

Keep sharing information about StreetLife because every single one of our supporters must have family, friends and neighbours who need help with their pets who don’t know there is help available.  We need our supporters to put posters up by their bins, in their supermarkets, restaurants anywhere there is space for a poster pin it!  Talk to anyone with a pet who hasn’t had it sterilised.  gain!  

Please click on the links below to access posters that you can use for distribution purposes.... in this month of promoting sterilisation, it would be great to see these posters everywhere on the Eastern Algarve!

We now have our ONLINE FORM for requesting assistance with sterilisation so please spread the word – let’s get all abandoned dogs and pets sterilised and end the suffering.
Click here to access the form

Latest News

25 February 2021

StreetLife "Time to Smile" Competition

1 to 28 February..........

This is a little reminder that our "Time to Smile" Competition closes on 28 February.

It doesn't matter where you live, or where you are, we all like a SMILE!  I'm sure many of your have lovely dogs who smile from ear to ear or on occasions, give you a goofy look.  Why not share that look or smile with others so they can SMILE too?

Let's brighten up our days... let's have some fun.  We already have entrants from all over the Algarve, some now coming in from supporters in other parts of Portugal... and even in other countries. 

Animal shelters can enter their dogs for free.  How about all the lovely dogs StreetLife has sterilised?  I'm sure they have something to smile about!

Click here to see a Portuguese version of this poster and click here to see the English Rules, and in Portuguese.

Take five minutes to look at our Gallery Smiling / Goofy looks - click here.  Our website gallery is updated daily with new entrants..... SMILES are becoming infectious! If you would like to enter your dog, it's easy..... complete our online form and submit your photo. 


15 February

ZERO Strays in Holland.....


Continuing with our "Sterilisation Awareness" theme for February, we've looked at success stories in other countries.  This week, we'd like you to read about Holland's amazing achievement in reducing strays in that country.  With a little motivation, money and compassion, they've overcome the heartbreaking sight of litters of puppies being dumped in garbage cans.  The research is done...... the strategy works. Please click here to read the article in English and click here for the Portuguese version.

Please remember to send in your entries for our "Time to Smile/Goofy Look" Competition.  We have an online form on our webiste - please click here to go to the form and enter as many dogs as you'd like.  We also have a gallery with the photos of the dogs that have been entered.

                                                       Let's try to emulate!

1 February 2021

Sterilisation Awareness Month - February.....


SOS Algarve Animals, APAR, Cacela Dog Haven and StreetLife are “coming together” during February to tackle a problem: unwanted animals in the East Algarve. Working together makes sense and we're endeavouring to help pet owners on low incomes with sterilising their pets and to end the suffering of dogs and unwanted litters of puppies. StreetLife will concentrate on dogs/puppies and SOS Algarve Animals will focus on cats/kittens. A joint project will be launched in February with the mission to reduce the number of abandoned and dumped pets.

Our objective is to educate pet owners, government and local Camaras about sterilisation.  It is the only way forward in the quest to reduce the number of unwanted animals. February 23rd is World Spay Day - what better way than to have a Sterilisation Awareness Month to highlight a solution to a problem and a fun competition to find the nicest smile.... or goofy look. 

                                           Be wise - sterilise!

The Algarve Daily News has written an article about our proposed joint effort with SOS Algarve...... click here to read all about it.

29 January 2021

January StreetNotes....

Each month an email goes out to all of the StreetBuddies, StreetLife QuizWhizzers and StreetLife supporters to keep them up to date with current news and what’s going on.


We thought it would also be a good idea to shares these StreetNotes on our website so our supporters know what’s going on between our Newsletters.

First of all we need to tell you who our January lucky StreetBuddy is for our monthly draw: SB 067 Ben who lives in the UK. This month's "thank you" gift has to be something that we can get to the UK... so it is a Marks & Spencer “Dine in for Two” Voucher, which can all be sorted on line.

Click here to read the newsletter.

Upcoming Events

"STAY AT HOME HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday, 13 March 20h00.  As this is currently our only fund raising event, we're so grateful for those who've continued to support us.  Without the income from these quizzes, our sterilisation efforts would be severely curtailed.  In the interests of staying safe and not being able to travel to friends freely, please use the Zoom option to continue to participate in the Quiz as a team...... create your own technology "bubble".  Remember to let Brian know if you'd like to attend - Click here for more information.

Please go to our News & Events page to see what else we've got planned!

Recent Events

STAY AT HOME "VALENTINE'S HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday, 13 February 20h00.  This month's theme was obviously Valentine's Day..... with some teams having 2 or 4, others had 8 members and altogether, we had 7 teams with 34 total participants and we managed to raise €200.86.    Click here for more information.

Please go to our News & Events page to read about our events and the money we've raised!

Every sterilisation = less unwanted puppies & strays = less suffering & cruelty





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