Home Page -  23 October 2020

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Home Page -  10 October 2020

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STAY AT HOME "HONESTY" QUIZ - Saturday, 10 October.  Another successful quiz evening - everyone felt safe and totally in control of their own social distancing and bubble of friends.  An amazing €317.00 was raised, part of which was due to Lisa's lovely muffins!  Please click here to read more

Home Page -  14 November 2020

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STAY AT HOME "HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday, 14 November, 20h00.  Our virtual quiz nights are working really well!  The entry fee of €5.00 includes an entry into a ticket draw for a prize and quiz winners receive a mini bottle of fizz each and an award. Click here for more details and information about Lisa's Muffins.  WE STRESS...the restriction on team sizes is based on whatever the current safety rules in place are at the time for the number of friends you are allowed at home. Please follow all appropriate safety guidelines.

Home Page - 1 November 2020

Hello StreetBuddies.....

Where has the last month gone?   It’s that time again . . . who is our lucky winner this month?

The lucky StreetBuddy for our October monthly draw is: SB 043 John who lives in Moncarapacho. This month's "thank you" gift is a bottle of Marques de Borba and a box of Signature Collection dark chocolates filled with classic spirits and liqueurs.

Alisa – we still need you to let us know how we get your “thank you “ gift from last month to you.

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