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Upcoming Events

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ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS... FASHION AND FIZZ! - DATE CHANGE.....  It'll be a lovely relax by the pool with a glass of something fizzy!  Click here to see the poster.


Recent Events

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TINA McEVOY ART EXHIBITION  -  Saturday, 19 November.  €615 RAISED!    Click here to see the photos and more information about this event.  Our sincere thanks to the talented Tina and her kind donations to causes like ours.

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CHARITY WINE TASTING - VILA MONTE  - Saturday, 17 November.  A NIGHT TO REMEMBER.... €1'835 RAISED!  Thank you afpop ea, Vila Monte and all of our supporters and guests. We had 100 guests.... it was a wonderful evening.  Click here to see the photos and more information about the evening.

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STREETLIFE'S 5TH BIRTHDAY - Saturday, 1 September.  €1536.00 RAISED!!!  A very successful evening... it was wonderful to see our supporters again.... mask free and enjoying our birthday bash.  Click here to see more.

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LUNCH IN THE GARDEN with ANN  - Saturday, 1 October. THANKS FOR  €200 DONATION  please click here if you'd like to read more.

Past Events

Please click on the images to see more photos and read about our events.


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Please click on the images to go to our dedicated page for recent and past newsletters.  At the moment, we're generating a StreetBuddy newsletter once a quarter and in November 2020, we introduced StreetNotes.... our general, monthly story.



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ZERO strays in Holland! 

How do they do it?  

English  -  Portuguese

A repository for the articles that we publish on our website. 

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Strays in Portugal! 

The sad truth.  

English  -  Portuguese


Press Releases

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We've been fortunate to have the Portuguese press keen to cover our fundraising activiies.  Over time, there have been many articles written about StreetLife.  Click here to go to our Press Release page.