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"STAY AT HOME SUPPER HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT FOR CHRISTMAS - Saturday, 11 December.  Put on your glittery, Christmas gear...... our next quiz is coming up, starting at 19h45!  Get your friends and family to join you - use Zoom to include friends far and wide!  Please let our quizmaster, Brian, know if you'd like participate -  The entrance fee of €5 per person for the quiz and the Christmas raffle can be paid via our bank account or through Paypal. 

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Recent Events

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"WINE TASTING AND DINNER" - organised by AFPOP with wine sponsored by Arvad, East Algarve - Thursday, 18 November 2021 - 19h30 to 23h30 at the Vila Monte Farm House.  A very successful evening..... more information to follow but in the meantime, click here to have a look at the photos.

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"STREETBUDDY COFFEE MORNING" - Saturday, 30 October - this was a really lovely morning with lots of chatter..... all about sterilisation and ideas, of course!  Thank you all for joining us and of course, for the ongoing, unfailing support that you give to StreetLife.

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"ALGARVE VIRTUAL EXPERIENCE" - 30 September.  In June, Christine Beckwith and Lisa Jones came up with an idea to raise funds.... a "Virtual" walk from Vila Real to Cape St Vincent (160km). Walk, swim, cycle, run... or any combination of those.

We had a total of nine sponsored entrants..... 14 walkers - Dizzie, Honey, Bill, Emily, Tine, Liliane, Lisa, Val, Christine, Martin, Denise Jessica Toby and Luciana.  We are incredibly proud of our StreetLife athletes!

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We raised €3'200! Well done to every one of you.  Thank you!

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"VIRTUAL AWARDS - QUIZ EVENING" - Saturday, 11 September.  A great evening to thank winners and participants for their support throughout what's been a really difficult year.  Our virtual quizzes have raised €2'892 so far, in 2021.

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"ABBA EVENING AND DINNER" - Wednesday, 1 September.  It was a  wonderful evening.....  celebrating StreetLife's 4th Anniversary at Restaurant Antonios, Moncarapacho.  Please click on the link to see a short video taken at the event.  Thank you everyone for your support!


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Please click on the images to go to our dedicated page for recent and past newsletters.  At the moment, we're generating a StreetBuddy newsletter once a quarter and in November 2020, we introduced StreetNotes.... our general, monthly story.


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ZERO strays in Holland!  How do they do it?   English  -  Portuguese

A repository for the articles that we publish on our website. 


Strays in Portuga!  The sad truth.   English  -  Portuguese

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Press Releases

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We've been fortunate to have the Portuguese press keen to cover our fundraising activiies.  Over time, there have been many articles written about StreetLife.  Click here to go to our Press Release page.