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Upcoming Events

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"STAY AT HOME HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday, 8 May.  As this is currently our only fund raising event, we're so grateful for those who've continued to support us.  Without the income from these quizzes, our sterilisation efforts would be severely curtailed.  With lockdown easing somewhat, it may soon be possible to meet up but until then, please use the Zoom option to continue to participate in the Quiz as a team...... create your own technology "bubble".  Remember to let Brian know if you'd like to attend - brbeckwith2000@yahoo.comClick here for the poster and more information.

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WINE TASTING AND DINNER - organised by AFPOP, East Algarve - Thursday, 18 November 2021 - 19h30 to 23h30 at the Vila Monte Farm House.  We're thrilled that we're able to advise our supporters of the date for our next Wine Tasting and Dinner.  Please click here for more information. 

Recent Events

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"STAY AT HOME HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday, 10 April. With eight teams taking part ..... 39 players over 10 locations, we raised €235.00!  Over the last seven months, our quizzes have had to take place with players staying at home.  We may be able to look at moving our quiz back to a restaurant over the next weeks but we need to feel safe and comfortable.  Our thanks must go to our teams and to Brian and Christine for the organisation skills they tirelessly bring to these quizzes.  Click here for more information.

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STAY AT HOME "HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday, 13 March.  Even with ongoing Covid restrictions, we were thrilled that 10 teams with a total of 51 members took part in our Quiz, raising €255.00 - we are reliant on this fundraiser and so appreciative of the support. Please click here to read moreOur next event will be Saturday, 10 April.

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TIME TO SMILE COMPETITION...... The winners have been announced!  Click here to see who won our competition to find the best smile or goofy expression.  We had an excellent response with 65 entries, making it quite a hard decision for our judges and most importantly, we managed to raise €325.00!

Thanks so much to our wonderful supporters.

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STAY AT HOME "VALENTINE'S HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday, 13 February 20h00.  This month's theme was obviously Valentine's Day..... with some teams having 2 or 4, others had 8 members and altogether, we had 7 teams with 34 total participants and we managed to raise €200.86.    Click here for more information.


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Please click on the images to go to our dedicated page for recent and past newsletters.  At the moment, we're generating a StreetBuddy newsletter once a quarter and in November 2020, we introduced StreetNotes.... our general, monthly story.




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ZERO strays in Holland!  How do they do it?   English  -  Portuguese

A repository for the articles that we publish on our website. 


Strays in Portuga!  The sad truth.   English  -  Portuguese

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Press Releases

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We've been fortunate to have the Portuguese press keen to cover our fundraising activiies.  Over time, there have been many articles written about StreetLife.  Click here to go to our Press Release page.