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Upcoming Events

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RESTAURANT and "AT HOME" QUIZ - Saturday, 14 May - we're going to be holding two quizzes, simultaneously.... one in a restaurant and the other for those "at home" who are not able to get to the restaurant venue.  Entry on this basis, will be at the discretion of the quizmaster.  Please click on the link to see the poster which has all the necessary information.

Recent Events


12 March

"STAY AT HOME SUPPER HONESTY" QUIZ - Saturday, 12 March.  With 47 players across 7 teams in various locations, this was the highest number of players so far, for this year.  An excellent response which resulted in €255.00 being raised for StreetLife from entrance fees plus a donation from Team Pacho 2 of €90.00 and €5.00 from Terry of Team Quarto +2 (in lieu of not being able to play), making a grand total of €350.00..... wonderful!  The Team winners were Pacho 2 followed closely by Quarto +2 and Far East Enders sharing joint second place.   Well done to everyone who took part in the Quiz and we thank you for your continued support. 


9 April

STAY AT HOME & RESTAURANT QUIZ - Saturday, 9 April. 

In April we thought we were going to restart the Quiz Nights in a restaurant; but due to a number of teams being away we decided to continue with the Stay at Home Honesty Quiz.   There were 5 teams who took part and 27 players.   The winning team was Pacho 2 with Quarto + 2 as the runner up. 

€225.00 was raised which included a donation of €105.00 from the Pacho 2 team members who couldn’t play and a fun raffle they had organised with their team players.  Such a generous gesture – thank you!

The money raised will help sterilise 3 to 4 dogs… and we know what a difference that will make to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and strays.

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"STAY AT HOME SUPPER HONESTY" Valentine's Quiz 2022  - Saturday, 12 February.  We only had four teams this round because there were a few last minute cancellations, but with a lovely Valentine's Day theme.... thanks to Briand and Christine.... we managed to raise €165.00.  The winners were the Motley Crew who've been taking part for four years now. 


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Please click on the images to go to our dedicated page for recent and past newsletters.  At the moment, we're generating a StreetBuddy newsletter once a quarter and in November 2020, we introduced StreetNotes.... our general, monthly story.



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ZERO strays in Holland!  How do they do it?   English  -  Portuguese

A repository for the articles that we publish on our website. 


Strays in Portugal!  The sad truth.   English  -  Portuguese

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Press Releases

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We've been fortunate to have the Portuguese press keen to cover our fundraising activiies.  Over time, there have been many articles written about StreetLife.  Click here to go to our Press Release page.