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Our StreetLife Newsletters are an opportunity to let you know what we have all achieved as a group working together; they usually go out four times per year.  We give you a few facts and figures so you can see how we are spending your donations. It’s important to us that our supporters know what we’re achieving as a team working together to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and strays in the East Algarve.  Click on the links to see recent and previous newsletters.

Our StreetNotes go out on a monthly basis (except for the months the StreetLife Quarterly Newsletters go out).  They are literally a snap shot of what’s been happening that month, nothing in too much detail; it’s our way of keeping in touch with our supporters.  We also let the StreetBuddies know who has has won the “thank you gift” for that month.  To find out more about becoming a StreetBuddy click here and from our StreetBuddy page, you can complete the online form.

If you would like to be added to our circulation list please complete and submit the fields below to subscribe… thank you for your support.

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