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In 2019 StreetLife introduced the StreetBuddy scheme.  Basically, StreetBuddies are the family and friends of StreetLife

Our mission is to get 100 StreetBuddies and currently we have.......           

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Everyone needs Buddies… everyone needs friends!  Will you be a StreetBuddy?

What would life be like without family and friends? This is how most people survive.  StreetLife is no different.

StreetBuddies are special, they help StreetLife survive!  To become part of this family, we ask you to donate €5.00 per month; but it's not all take, we give our StreetBuddies something in return.


Dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes have been sterilised by StreetLife.  For this to continue we need more Buddies.

Since September 2017, when the StreetLife Animal Sterilisation Programme was launched in the East Algarve, we have survived with the help and generosity of our supporters.  We have been busy trying to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and strays in our local area.  

It is a never-ending task; daunting on some days, rewarding on others and the end is never in sight; but our work must continue to help make a difference.  Every single snip can reduce the stray population by thousands each year.  

Dog shelters are overflowing, unwanted puppies are regularly dumped in rubbish bins… we all know the situation.  In the meantime, StreetLife and other animal welfare groups have to find magic wands and plant more money trees to survive!

If you are interested in becoming a StreetBuddy.........

Click on the image to see how the StreetBuddy programme works......

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Click on the image to access our online application form to become a StreetBuddy......

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