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StreetLife is a new (September 2017) initiative from a group of animal lovers who want to reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals in the East Algarve through a programme of sterilisations.

There are several shelters across the Algarve and they are all overflowing with abandoned animals, many of which come from local families.

Fund-raising groups and volunteers do a great job supporting the shelters, but our idea is to try to reduce the number of litters in the first place, through a programme of sterilisation of both pets and strays.

Litters of puppies from unsterilised pets are a particular problem because many pet owners will not put them to sleep, preferring to dump them in waste bins, cardboard boxes, plastic bags or at shelters to get rid of the problem.  And many pet owners do not sterilise their animals because they simply cannot (or will not) afford the veterinary costs involved, and so the problem continues.

This is where StreetLife comes in: quite simply, we subsidise the cost of sterilisations from money raised through donations.  For example, if a vet charges (say) €100 to sterilise a dog, but the owner can only afford €40, then StreetLife will pay the other €60 to the vet to ensure that the animal is sterilised and will not produce (more) puppies.  Please note that these figures are just examples – actual costs depend on a number of factors.

There are other organisations elsewhere in Portugal doing similar things, but we want to focus on the East Algarve, where little is being done.


Our Goals & Aspirations

To reduce the stray and abandoned animal population in the East Algarve through a programme of sterilisations known as

A B C  -  Animal Birth Control

We have seen this work in other countries and it is proven to reduce the number of strays and unwanted litters.   

Our initial target is just 4 sterilisations per month.  After that – who knows?


To support local pet owners who may not have the funds to pay for sterilisation, as well as local dog shelters that may need additional funding for sterilisations. 

To liaise with local municipal kennels and private shelters to see if we can improve the stray animal situation by working together.

To work with local vets to persuade them to support StreetLife programmes, hopefully with preferential rates!

To promote the many benefits of sterilisation of pets and strays (please see here).


Thank you for visiting.


Graeme & Linda Cree

StreetLife Founders


We are looking for StreetEyes . . .


StreetEyes are volunteers who help us by looking for pet owners who may be interested in getting their pets sterilised at preferential rates.

There could be a neighbour’s pet near where you live which regularly produces litters because its owner cannot afford to have the animal sterilised. 

If you think the pet owner has limited income and would be a good candidate for the StreetLife Programme, then you explain what is involved and help them to complete a simple application form.

Someone will visit the owner and their pet to discuss the programme and, if we agree that their situation merits assistance, we arrange for the sterilisation at a designated vet. 

Help with transport to / from the vet is also available if necessary.

The owner is always asked to make a contribution to the sterilisation of their pet, based on their circumstances. 

StreetLife pays the vet directly; money is not given to the pet owner.



Could you be one of our StreetEyes?


Did you know?


Get the picture?  This is what we have to fix!


StreetLife relies solely on donations from people who want to help.

If you would like to support our work by contributing to, or sponsoring,

the cost of sterilising one or more animals, our bank account is as follows:-

Bank : Crédit Agricole (Moncarapacho)

Account No. : 40291696614

Account Name : StreetLife

IBAN : PT50004571004029169661460


You can also donate online through our PayPal account at donations@streetlife.pt

Click the Donate button below to start the process




Sorry there’s not much else to see here at the moment; we’re very much in start-up mode right now.

Please stop by again sometime in the future to see what’s new.

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