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Partner Shelters

Private Shelters on the Eastern Algarve...... StreetLife Partners


In expanding our sterilisation programme across the Eastern Algarve (please click here for a map), we've reached out to private shelters in the area to enlist their support for our "Be Wise.... Sterilise!" campaign.  When considering a mutually beneficial relationship, the value of a collaborative partnership is a win-win and we're thrilled to list here, the shelters that have agreed to work with us.  

The number of stray animals in Portugal has increased enormously over just the past two years, certainly exacerbated by the Covid epidemic!  Many families found it almost impossible to feed themselves, let alone their pets so there have been numerous pets abandoned or surrendered. Prior to the havoc of Covid, local authority kennels were already overflowing with no solution in sight so it's easy to appreciate the sheer numerical enormity of the current problem.  In March 2021, we put together some information on the subject....(click here to see the article) and in October 2023, we circulated an update published in the The Portugal Resident. 

Without much help, private shelters are doing more than their fair share in trying to alleviate suffering and for the same reason that there are so many strays, fund raising has been extremely difficult. 

StreetLife's role will be to provide exposure on our social media platforms to the shelters and wherever possible assist with logistics and funding for shelter related sterilisations.  Rehabilitation and rehoming is costly for a self-funded organisation that relies purely on their fundraising activities and the generosity of friends and supporters.

The role of the shelters and their volunteers, friends and supporters will be to spread the word about our "Be Wise.... Sterilise!" campaign.... hopefully reaching low-income families living in the countryside where they may not have access to social media. 

Together, we can make a difference!

APAR-Associação para protecção dos animais de rua- Moncarapacho/Fuzeta ......

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In 2015 APAR was formally registered as an association. At the time, Natália Bento was part of the original Management Committee, along with Linda & Graeme Cree, who are now the founder members of StreetLife.

The shelter moved to a bigger location a few years ago in Moncarapacho with often up to 150 dogs of all ages and sizes.  APAR manages to rehome between 200 and 300 dogs per year, including puppies.

The GNR often take abandoned dogs/strays to the shelter because there is nowhere else for the dogs to go.  This causes more pressure on the shelter - especially as it isn't government funded.  They also often "tackle" cruelty cases and have an education programme running with local schools to try and make sure future generations understand animal welfare and treating animals with respect.

In 2017, Linda & Graeme Cree left APAR and started StreetLife - they wanted to tackle the problem of unwanted puppies to try and reduce the impact on shelters.  APAR is still very dear to their hearts and they will always help out with sterilisation of the dogs at the shelter when they can.

Some of the APAR volunteers are also StreetEyes and help both associations.  Like most other shelters, their Vet bills and day to day running costs are enormous.  StreetLife is delighted to have APAR as one of our Partner Shelters.

APAR is in constant need of funds and volunteers and they need every bit of help they can get. 

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Benafim Dogs Rescue ......

Benafim is ALL about the dogs!  At any one time this rescue centre cares for up to 30 dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages.  


Their commitment to each and every one of their dogs at all times, is to show respect, love, kindness and to ensure that their health needs.... both physical and psychological, are met on a daily basis


In order to ensure that no dog is overlooked, Benafim is very strict about the numbers they are able to take care of, at any one time. Every dog deserves to be seen and to be heard and every dog deserves a home.  Until this occurs, they do the very best they can to ensure that each dog's quality of life is as good as it can be during their time at the centre.  


All dogs are assessed.... they take the time to get to know each dog as an individual, to ensure that the perfect home is matched.... right for the dog and right for the family.  Likewise, time is spent with potential adopters..... their objective is for every adoption to work and this necessitates thorough care throughout the process.  

Benafim are expressive of their gratitude for the support they receive from friends and the public, whether that comes in person or through social media.  Every single share of a post helps and every single adoption means that another dog in need is rescued. 

Cacela Dog Haven, Novela Cacela Velha...... 








This private shelter became an association in 2019 and is owned by a couple from Yorkshire (UK)..... Treve and Sharron Ellis.  Born and raised on a farm, Sharron found her lifelong passion.... the wellbeing of animals.  Her ambition, from her earliest recollections, was to have her own shelter for stray, abandoned and abused dogs.  Treve shares Sharron's dedication to the success of CDH and although he works away from home, he's in constant touch with all that's happening at the haven.

When CDH rescues a dog, he/she undergoes a full Vet check, vaccinations, chipping, sterilisation and of course, an appropriate nourishment programme, before being offered for rehoming.  As of December 2023, CDH had arranged for the adoption of 271 dogs and 101 sterilisations.  

CDH works with international organisations that assist in the rehoming of dogs..... their dogs have been rehomed in the UK, Switzerland, Holland and Germany.  In fact, CDH has a friend and benefactor in the UK who has been responsible for the adoption of around 13 dogs, just in her village.  

Before a dog is released for adoption, a home check is carried out to ensure that all CDH treasures go to 5-star families.  


Some of the dogs rescued by CDH have ongoing, chronic medical needs that preclude them from being rehomed.  These dogs will be our "honoured residents" and will always have sanctuary at the haven. 


A Dog's Life, Estoi...... 







A Dog's Life is a dog rescue and shelter in the Eastern Algarvian hills near Estoi. Founded in 2019 by Dave and Lucy who, having seen the plight of the many abandoned and neglected dogs in the area, devoted their time and home to create a safe sanctuary.


ADL rescue has around 25 dogs at any one time, some of which are looking for their forever home or long-term foster homes whilst others will remain there as sanctuary dogs due to illness or behavioural issues. There are also dogs requiring short-term foster care due to illness or to get them ready for their forever home, prior to rehoming.


The dogs have paddocked areas within 3 acres of land, where they spend time playing with their friends. Each area has a dog house with the dogs coming into the home at night. The rescue has charitable status and is a registered dog shelter with the relevant authorities. 


A team of incredible and dedicated volunteers support the rescue with dog care, rehoming, accounts, fundraising, social media and the website. Working as a team ensures that everyone has a voice! 


Initially, self funded until 2021, the rescue is now solely reliant on fundraising and donations.


2NDHAND4FOOTERS - São Brás de Alportel......  









Marie and Adrian Mombers, both Dutch, have been in São Bras de Alportel, Portugal for more than 30 years and have been rescuing dogs from the Algarve and helping shelters and private people who are doing the same work.  Their goals are.....

Relieving the suffering of the many stray animals in any way possible through the creation and maintenance of a network of like-minded people, here and abroad and homing as many strays as possible either here in Portugal or abroad.

Working with local councils and other establishments to help sterilise these animals and educate the public on these matters. Asking vets to help realise these sterilisations at affordable prices and creating awareness of the animal problems in Portugal.  Solidarity, partnerships and (financial) support is needed to achieve these objectives.

‘‘You can’t save a whole world of dogs, but you can save the whole world of one dog’’


Adrian does all the difficult "hands on" work and helps collect strays.... even donkies as he has a horse trailer and three horses.

Helping with the irregular jobs like puppy bottle feeding, letting out, walking heartworm-treated dogs on the lead, Adrian is known as a "dog whisperer" he's often able to re-establish trust between dog and human. He also puts out cat traps in people's gardens, collecting cats and dogs to take to Vets for neutering, repairing sky kennels and crates and constructing kennels and other temporary dog shelters. Another important job that Adrian undertakes is to organise the flights and other transport so that adopted dogs can go to their for ever homes.  Adrian is 100% dedicated to the saving of animals in distress and never says no to any stray whatever the time... day or night. He is always ready to jump in his jeep and take off.

‘‘You can save even more, if you try harder’’

Adrian and Marie have saved and rehomed many dogs and pups (and even some cats and kittens) during the past 10 years and hope to continue, health permitting, for the next decade.

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ADAPO - Associação Defesa dos Animais e Plantas de Olhão......  








ADAPO is a non-profit organisation created in May 2004 by Célia Caravela with a mission to improve the living conditions for animals. Initially, the intention was to reduce the number of stray cats with a "rescue, treat, neuter, adopt" philosophy.  This ideal has developed to the point that we now have a refuge for 70-90 of our kittens.

With the support of the Olhão Municipal Council, ADAPO volunteers capture, treat and sterilise as is necessary.  The cats are usually returned to their colonies where they are regularly fed and monitored by volunteers.  In cases where their return to the colony is not feasible, they are housed at the refuge.

StreetLife is involved with ADAPO because from time to time they rescue dogs and they also know of families who need help getting their dogs sterilised, and this is where StreetLife helps.  We do not help with cats.

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