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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Recent and Past Events

Recent & Past Events


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Please click here to go to our dedicated page for recent and past newsletters.  These newsletters are generated each quarter and on the Newsletter page, you have the option to sign up for the newsletters to be delivered to your inbox.

Street Articles

Street Articles
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A repository for the articles that we publish on our website. 

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ZERO strays in Holland! 

How it's done? (Feb 21)

English  -  Portuguese

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Strays in Portugal! 

The sad truth. (Mar 21)  

English  -  Portuguese

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How to approach a dog!  

English -  Portuguese

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Clever Dog (July 23)  


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Teach your Dog to Heel (Oct 23)  


Press Releases

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We've been fortunate to have the Portuguese press keen to cover our fundraising activiies.  Over time, there have been many articles written about StreetLife.  Click here to go to our Press Release page.

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