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StreetEyes are our "eyes on the street" because we cannot be everywhere at all times!


Mostly Portuguese nationals familiar with the local community, they are volunteers who help to identify pet owners needing help, often making visits and assessing situations on behalf of StreetLife.

Sometimes, language issues arise, so our StreetEyes facilitate communication between StreetLife and potential applicants / clients.

StreetEyes may also know of strays that need to be sterilised, often getting involved in catching the dogs and then transporting them to / from the vet.  They usually know and work with people who foster dogs until they can be rehomed.

We also have some StreetEyes that go into gypsy camps which can be quite challenging.

StreetEyes are part-time volunteers, often because they have a “proper” job, or are also active in other areas of animal welfare (e.g. working at a local shelter).  Many of them prefer to be low-profile and shun any publicity, so we have not identified them on this website.  However, they know who they are, and we are very grateful for the time they spend with us.

Our StreetEyes are a major part of the StreetLife team – our unsung heroes. 

Without them we would be nothing.



How can one person save  100 homeless dogs?

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It's so easy!


Sterilise just


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