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Other Fundraising

Host a Fundraiser

From a coffee morning to a cookery bake off.  You can encourage friends and family to sponsor you for a swimming marathon, a charity walk, a cycle or a booze free “moment”.

The only limit on your fundraising potential is your imagination.

You can host a fundraiser that works for you.  Please share your ideas and the results with us all


Donate your Birthday!

In lieu of gifts ask friends to donate to StreetLife.


There are numerous ways to do this and here are three platforms that are used quite often:










Attend a StreetLife Event

We are constantly looking at events to raise funds for StreetLife.  Lunches, dinners, QuizNights, fashion shows… there is usually something to tempt most of our supporters.  Our ability to pursue these opportunities has, of course, been severely curtailed by Covid-19 and the social distancing constraints, but we're constantly testing the water and as soon as it's safe, we'll start planning!

The winning combination will always be having fun while fundraising – is there any other way?

See our Upcoming Events on the News & Events page.


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Most of us are aware of gofundme which is the philosophy of getting lots of people to give you a little bit of money.

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This organisation claims to have the least expensive platform for personal or project funding.

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Just Giving provides another option for raising funds in this way.

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If anyone uses any of these platforms to raise funds, it would be great to receive feedback.