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The Problem with Dogs  -  A very interesting article written by Harry Eckman, Change for Animals, about dog care and protection and the proclamation of the Cruelty to Animals Act in the UK in 1835 which was the first of it's kind.  Recently however, something has changed and dealing with strays and abandoned dogs has become a complex issue, all around the globe.

Spend some time looking at the two Facebook pages linked below.  There is lots of information on what to do, especially as tourists, if you come across what seems to be a stray pet.  In some countries, "latch key" pets are allowed to wander in the area close to their home, unsupervised.  These pets are usually collared and look well fed and healthy - picking up and transferring these pets to a shelter is actually creating a stray.  Click here for the Missing Pets FB page and click here to go to the Encontra-me (Found) FB page.

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Sistema de Informacão de Animais de Companhia - Check the records to make sure that your dog is registered.

This is a database that reflects the registration status and identification of pets in Portugal; this is mandatory for dogs.  The identification process requires dogs to be microchipped and results in the creation of a registration on the SAIC platform.  Transfer of ownership of a dog that has been microchipped, whether free or with a cost, will involve an adjustment of the SAIC record.

Quebr 'a Corrente (Break the Chain) Is it legal to chain dogs permanently in Portugal?  The short and simple answer is, No!  Quebr'a Corrente is the first civic movement in the country to free dogs chained, by building new areas using fenced outdoor spaces and always in collaboration with the caretakers.  Have a look at the website and click here to view one document we've compiled describing the cruelty of chaining a dog and the sad outcomes that result and click here (English) and here (Portuguese) for another piece released by

SEPNA: Reporting cruelty to animals The GNR has a special unit SEPNA dedicated to the protection of the environment and the enforcement of environmental laws, including cruelty to animals.
If you observe any crime against animals this can either be reported in person to the police, by phone to SEPNA: 808 200.  You can ring on the above number or on this link you will find a form ( to report Animal Abuse in the Algarve.  You can also submit a report via email :

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