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About Sterilisation

We now have our ONLINE FORM for requesting assistance with sterilisation so please spread the word – let’s get all abandoned dogs and pets sterilised and end the suffering.


Click here to access the form


Sterilisation is the way forward!


Sterilisation doesn’t sound fluffy and cute and it’s not the most glamorous or sexy side of animal welfare.  But it is the most effective way of controlling unwanted puppies and reducing the stray dog population.

Unwanted puppies are often dumped on the side of the road, or tied up in plastic bags and thrown away in bins like trash.  It is heart breaking, cruel and illegal.


Many strays do not reach old age – they die very young.  Some manage to live longer but they will struggle with mistreatment and violent abuse as they fight to survive on the streets, often going without food and coping with disease, being subjected to all weathers with nowhere to call home and nowhere they can feel safe and loved. 


These street dogs should not have to live like this. This is what StreetLife is all about, trying to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and strays through our sterilisation programme in the East Algarve.  Helping to reduce suffering, cruelty, neglect plus overcrowding in Animal Shelters.

The cost of a sterilisation in Portugal compared to the average salary is a problem for many local families.  If it’s a choice of feeding their family or getting their dog sterilised – the choice is obvious.

Did you know that one litter of unsterilised puppies born onto the streets can result in over 60,000 unwanted dogs within six years?  This is why sterilisation is so important!  The numbers are scary.


Spread the word about our StreetLife Low Cost Sterilisation Programme! 





If you want to know about the many benefits of sterilisation, please click on the link to see our Fact Sheet on Sterilisation









If you'd like to see the pets & strays we've been able to sterilise....please have a look at our Success Stories

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