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Sterilisations to date

 Tuesday, 2 July



YOUR donation will help to reduce unwanted litters of puppies and strays!

Crédit Agricole  (Moncarapacho)

Account No. : 40331764460
Name : Associação StreetLife





Please click here for the English version of the online application form for sterilisation.
Por favor, clique aqui para a versão portuguesa deste formulário
Special Note:  Please do not request sterilisation for cats .....  we can only sterilise dogs! 
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Be Wise....

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4 March

StreetLife "Be Wise... Sterilise!" 2024 Campaign..... UPDATE!

We're thrilled to advise that the next phase of our "Be Wise.... Sterilise!" campaign has been a great success - we'd like thank our Partner Vets, our Partner Shelters and of course, our StreetLife friends and supporters... the image below provides figures:






Click here to read more about StreetLife's low cost sterilisation programme (English) and click here for Portuguese.

In expanding our sterilisation programme across the Eastern Algarve (please click here for a map), StreetLife invited private shelters in the area to become a Partner Shelter and work with StreetLife on our Be Wise.... Sterilise! campaign.

When considering a mutually beneficial relationship, the value of a collaborative partnership is a win-win and we were thrilled that a few private shelters agreed to work with us. Our StreetLife Partner Shelters were encouraged to spread the word about our Sterilisation Programme to families on low incomes living in the areas surrounding their shelters, displaying and circulating our Be Wise.... Sterilise! posters.

StreetLife provided financial support with shelter related sterilisations, helping them with the strays and abandoned dogs they look after until they are hopefully rehomed.    Our local shelters are overloaded with stray and abandoned dogs. The number of puppies they have rescued, many newborns that have been dumped in bins, is unbelievable. That’s why sterilisation is so important… but without shelters what would happen to these dogs?  This was one of the many reasons working together made sense... the attempt to stop the problem of unwanted puppies. The number of stray animals in Portugal has increased enormously over just the past two years, certainly exacerbated by the Covid epidemic!  Many families found it almost impossible to feed themselves, let alone their pets so there have been numerous pets abandoned or surrendered.  Prior to the havoc of Covid, local authority kennels were already overflowing with no solution in sight so it's easy to appreciate the sheer numerical enormity of the current problem.  In March 2021, we put together some information on the subject “Stray Animals in Portugal” ....(click here to see the article) and in October 2023, we circulated an update published in the The Portugal Resident.   

StreetLife needs volunteers.... please lend a hand.....

With the increased need for the StreetLife's sterilisation services, our teams are in need of some assistance.  We're wondering if any of our friends and/or supporters would be able to spare a few hours each week or a few €s each month.......

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With a commitment of just €5

per month, our efforts to

sterilise stray and/or abused

animals can continue.  Read more.....

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Never underestimate the power of a coin...... StreetLife would be thrilled to take your coins.  Read more....

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This is an area where we really need just a few hours each week. For those able to communicate in Portuguese, we would be so grateful for your contribution.  Our StreetEye volunteers assist with the identification of pet owners in the community who would benefit from StreetLife's assistance. We are so keen to continue our work to allevia suffering and cruelty in our region.  Read more on this site ..... Click here for the poster.

5 July 2024

StreetLife's 7th Anniversary - ABBA Evening.....

Please note that tickets are selling quickly for this event...... please send an email to!  Click here to see the poster.

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5 July 2024

Art for Dogs - June, July - Tina McEvoy.....

For June, Tina took a breath to reflect on the paintings that had been donated... June being the first anniversary of the "Art for Dogs" initiative.... click here to see a collage of the pieces she's donated.


For July, Tina has titled her work "The Heat of Summer".... for more information about the painting, please click here.

Please click here for information about this lovely work of art and feel free to contact Tina on her email.  If you'd like to see more of Tina's work, please click here to go to her website. 


2 July 2024

StreetLife Coffee Morning....

We held our StreetLife Coffee morning on Saturday, 29 June and it was a great event with roughly 50 guests.... we get together twice a year (June and December) to thank our supporters......  all StreetBuddies are invited as part of their "membership" - also included are our StreetEyes, Partner Shelters and several supporters.  Graeme, our StreetLife President, personally pays for all the coffees. The cakes are made and donated by our supporters and our StreetLife Team.  Our sincere thanks to Dizzie, Janet, Jean, Maggie & Sue for organising the morning on behalf of StreetLife and to Denis for hosting our event at Restaurante Churrasqueira de Marim.  Most of all....a huge thank you to our supporters for everything you do. We are a fantastic team working together!

The morning was not a fund raiser, but we still managed to receive donations of €276 for plants and surplus cakes... not forgetting signing up one new StreetBuddy, Patti.  Our Coin Monster announced that we raised €316.39 from coins donated via money boxes and jars handed over during the morning.  Huge thanks must to Freddie €111.78, Liz €41.24, Brenda €80.34, Lisa €22.68, Susan €15,71, Deborah €30.15 and Lucy €14.49. Click here for a photo.


Our StreetBuddies are provided with money boxes for them to collect any spare change. Once their money box is full, it is their choice if they would like to donate the coins to StreetLife; there is no obligation as this is THEIR money box and THEIR money. What do you think they do?


We also have StreetSavers; they are supporters who do not want to commit to being a StreetBuddy but save their spare coins - all they need is a jar! Do you have a jar?


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27 May 2024

StreetLife Celebrates 1,100 Sterilisations!.....

We are thrilled announce that another 100 Sterilisations goal has been reached.  

With the sterilisation of FANNY, we're expecting 2024 to be a bumper year for StreetLife.

Of course, without the help of our wonderful team, our wonderful supporters and our wonderful StreetEyes and StreetBuddies, we would not be able to achieve these milestones!


1 April 2024

It's the StreetLife Newsletter!!! ....

We've got so much news for you...... partnering with eastern Algarve shelters and vets in order to improve StreetLife's ability to communicate with those who may not have access to social media and to increase our area of operations, statisics and spending for sterilisations and fundraising in 2023, news about our Team, a new Portuguese website will be launched soon and more.....!

Click here to download the newsletter.

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1 April 2024

Easy Fundraising ....

Some of you who shop at the participating outlets are already on the UK Easy Fundraising site and of course, StreetLife is so grateful to receive the rewards generated through your purchases. However, we thought we'd post the easy to use StreetLife specific QR code for those who'd like to sign up.  If you'd  like more information, please click here for their website.  

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4 March 2024

The StreetLife Team....

StreetLife is pleased and delighted to welcome Bill Bullock and Jean Adamson as part of our Management Team.  Bill is taking on the role of Fiscal President and Jean has joined as the Secretary of the Management Committee.  


At our recent AGM, all attendees voted to confirm the appointments and some slight reshuffling of roles was also approved.   If you'd like to see more about our StreetLife team and their associated responsibilities, please click here

We have a lot of things planned …. and with the help of all of our StreetLife supporters, StreetBuddies, StreetEyes, Partner Vets and Partner Shelters, we can continue supporting local shelters and low income families to sterilise their dogs.  


Let’s get snipping!!!  Let’s spread the word….  BE WISE, STERILISE!


Teamwork...... together, we make the difference!

Upcoming Events

Please go to our News & Events page to see the details.

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UPDATED! Mamma Mia Abba Evening - Monday, 2 September 2024 - 19h30 - Restaurante O'António. Celebrate StreetLife's 7th Birthday with us!  Please click here to see the poster for details. 

Halloween Wine Tasting and Dinner - Thursday, 31 October 2024 - 19h30 - Octant Vila Monte. Please click here to see the poster for details. 

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