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Monday, 11 January



Every donation helps us to reduce unwanted puppies and strays!

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Campaign for 500 Sterilisations!

Although we were not able to reach our target of 500 sterilisations by the end of 2020, we're continuing our drive!  Despite travel restrictions which have made it quite a challenge, our efforts have resulted in 13 dogs currently in the system, waiting for home visits.

Every sterilisation = less unwanted puppies & strays = less suffering & cruelty

Most importantly, we need to stay safe and keep sterilising.

Latest News

7 January 2021

StreetNews - End of year 2020.....


Read about our "Honesty" Quiz Nights which proved to be a great improvisation in the face of Covid, partner Vets and Sponsors, our heroic StreetEyes, StreetBuddies, StreetSavers, fundraising events, our new website, the lovely StreetEllie (our new mascot), facts and figures, plans for 2021 and our Nov/Dec campaign.... lots of information about our activities.  Click here to see the News.

3 January 2021

Hello StreetBuddies.....

It’s that time again.... I'm sure many of us are pleased to see the back of 2020!  Paws crossed that 2021 brings hope and normality back into our lives.


The lucky StreetBuddy for our December monthly draw was SB024.... Treve who lives in Vila Nova de Cacela.  This month's "thank you" gift is a bottle of Raposeira Fizz and a tin of lovely biscuits. 

Thank you for your continued support - we're all making a difference. 


Happy New Year from the StreetLife team.

24 December 2020

UPDATE! StreetLife Sterilisation Campaign for Nov/Dec....

StreetLife is still looking for more dogs to sterilise! We are here to help families ... let us work together to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and strays in the East Algarve. We are working with APAR to spread the word! If you need help please send a message via Facebook or email: - click here to read more.


The answer is NOT dumping puppies, like rubbish!

31 December 2020

Happy New Year Message.....


Click here to read a message from Linda to all QuizWhizzers.  

20 December 2020

A BIG, BIG THANK YOU to Russell & Decoz......

What an unexpected Christmas present for StreetLife.... a whopping €500.00 donation from the Russell & Decoz Real Estate team.  Their support during 2020 has been amazing..... and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts..... and all the dogs they have helped to snip are wagging their tails!

Happy Christmas to you all.... Thank You for helping to make a difference! 


Upcoming Events

STAY AT HOME "HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday, 13 February 20h00.  As this is currently our only fund raising event, we're so grateful for those who've continued to support us.  Without the income from these quizzes, our sterilisation efforts would be severely curtailed.  Remember to let Brian know if you'd like to attend -  More information about the event to follow.

Please go to our News & Events page to see what else we've got planned!

Recent Events

OUR FIRST STAY AT HOME "HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT FOR 2021 - Saturday, 9 January.  Despite the challenging Covid restrictions, the evening went well with 30 players across several locations - all staying safe and having fun.  We're thrilled to report that we raised €142.00 for StreetLife.  A big thank you must go to Brian and Christine.   Our next event will be Saturday, 13 February.  Please click here to read more.

Please go to our News & Events page to read about our events and the money we've raised!

Every sterilisation = less unwanted puppies & strays = less suffering & cruelty





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