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Friday,  20 November



Every donation helps us to reduce unwanted puppies and strays!

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Introducing Ellie.... our StreetLife Mascot

We (the StreetLife founders) recently said goodbye to one of our own beloved dogs – Ellie.  She had been with us for over ten years, a recue dog from one of the local animal shelters who’d had a bad start in her life.

Ellie was a character and a fighter; she had to go through so many things over the last year, yet she still “smiled” and wagged her tail and did not give in until the last minute.  She enjoyed life to the end and we want to remember her.


So, to honour Ellie, StreetLife introduces our new mascot - StreetEllie - as she will now be known. 😊

StreetEllie will bring her strength, determination and (most of all) sense of fun to our sterilisation programme to help StreetLife make a difference to the stray dog situation in the East Algarve.

Look out for her words of wisdom over the coming weeks!

Latest News

10 November 2020

Congratulations StreetLife....

450 Sterilisations!!  What an achievement since 2017....... Thank you to every single one of our supporters, we could not have achieved this without you.  Please have a look at our Success Stories page and the pictures of the dogs we have snipped.

500 here we come . . . !

We are working together as a team helping to make a difference to the number of unwanted puppies & strays in the East Algarve.  StreetLife is a small association based in Moncarapacho who rely on donations from supporters.  We could not survive without you.

8 November 2020

StreetLife Sterilisation Campaign for Nov/Dec....

Are you tired of unwanted puppies?  Our target is to sterilise 50 dogs over the November/December period.  If you can't afford to sterilise your dog then StreetLife may be able to help you.  Contact us: and click here to read more.

The answer is NOT dumping puppies, like rubbish!

1 November 2020

Hello StreetBuddies.....

Where has the last month gone?   It’s that time again . . . who is our lucky winner this month?

The lucky StreetBuddy for our October monthly draw is: SB 043 John who lives in Moncarapacho. This month's "thank you" gift is a bottle of Marques de Borba and a box of Signature Collection dark chocolates filled with classic spirits and liqueurs.

Alisa – we still need you to let us know how we get your “thank you “ gift from last month to you.

Upcoming Events

STAY AT HOME "HONESTY" QUIZ NIGHT - Saturday, 12 December, 20h00.  Hello/Olá - My name is Ellie and I'm the StreetLife mascot.... StreetEllie.  We have a great raffle prize for our next Stay at Home "Honesty" Quiz Night.  My lips are smacking and my tail is wagging.  Please remember to send an email to book your team's spot - Thank you for supporting StreetLife and we'll get back to you all shortly about Lisa's muffins.  Again, we feel that it's essential to mention that team sizes must be based on whatever the current dictates are, in terms of Covid-19 restraints.  Please follow all appropriate safety guidelines.

Please go to our News & Events page to see what else we've got planned!

Recent Events

STAY AT HOME "HONESTY" QUIZ - Saturday, 14 November.  Another successful quiz evening with everyone safe at home.  We had 55 people players taking part and Lisa provided some yummy muffins.  We're thrilled to announce that we raised €345.00.  Please click here to read more

Please go to our News & Events page to read about our events and the money we've raised!

Every sterilisation = less unwanted puppies & strays = less suffering & cruelty





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