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Sterilisation Programme

Programa de Esterlização Animal

Associação StreetLife: 515 892 750

Donations help to reduce unwanted puppies and strays!


Sterilisations to date

Monday,  10 January


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Donations help to reduce unwanted puppies and strays!

Crédit Agricole  (Moncarapacho)

Account No. : 40331764460
Name : Associação StreetLife







We are thrilled to announce that StreetLife and the Uniao de Freguesia de Moncarapacho e Fuseta are collaborating on our new campaign .... Be Wise.... Sterilise!.  This is a first for StreetLife.... local authorities promoting and co-ordinating our efforts to address a community challenge.  There's no doubt that the problem of stray dogs has put enormous pressure on government kennels and legal shelters on the Algarve, exacerbated by Covid.  Click on the links to access the poster and the handout about our initiative.

Apart from our ongoing efforts to raise funds for the provision of low-cost sterilisation for families facing financial hardship, we're always searching for other ways in which to promote the sterilisastion of dogs in our region.  The hope is that our fundraising efforts and campaigns will create awareness..... throughout Portugal!

Low-income families who need help sterilising their dogs can now go to the office of the Junta de Freguesia in Moncarapacho and the staff will give them an Application Form and provide assistance in providing the required information.  We also plan to hold clinics in their office.

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StreetLife is targeting families who do not have access to social media...... those who live in the hills and countryside!  We want to flood as many areas as possible with posters and here, our supporters can provide valuable assistance.  We've managed to display posters in Intermarche, Algar Super, Loja Fresca, Coviran, Farmácia Soares, Café Dijo, Drogamon, the Cooperativa plus Madeira & Maderia at Alfandanga and a few green bins in the Moncarapcho area.  We now need posters out in surrounding areas!


If you're able, please print our posters and display them at local bin areas, cafés, supermarkets, pharmacies, co-operatives...... in fact, anywhere where its appropriate to display a poster.... do it!  Keep an eye on the posters you've displayed and if they've been removed.... put up another one!  Send an email to : if you'd like to help us with the distribution of our posters.

As we see this campaign succeed, we'll reach out to other Freguesias to persuade them to promote our campaign.



In April, we announced our 500th Sterilisation......
Monday, 6 December....... we're thrilled to announce our 600th Sterilsation...... now to No 700!

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Be wise... sterilise!!

We now have our ONLINE FORM for requesting assistance with sterilisations so please spread the word – let’s get all abandoned dogs and pets sterilised and end the suffering.    Click here to access the form. 

3 January 2022

A BIG, BIG Thank you to Russell & Decoz....

What an unexpected New Year present for StreetLife… a €1000.00 donation from the Russell & Decoz Real Estate Team.

Their support during 2021 has been amazing… and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts… and all the dogs they have helped to snip are wagging their tails.

Happy New Year to you all - Thank you for helping to make a difference!

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21 December 2021

A Christmas Message of Thanks....

Here at StreetLife, we were so thrilled to receive a Christmas Card.... with €200.00 inside from some of our amazing supporters.  How wonderful!  This gesture of gratitude makes it all worthwhile and allows us to continue doing the work we do.  Best wishes to Rocky, Didi, Lucy, TC, Dibble, Lola, Ace and Mia.... and their families. 


6 November 2021

StreetNotes - October 2021

Interim news and a few notes between our newsletters!  New StreetBuddies, and update on sterilisations, a great coffee morning and information about our "Be Wise, Sterilise" campaign.   Click here to read more.


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"STAY AT HOME SUPPER HONESTY" 1st QUIZ 2022  - Saturday, 8 January.  Despite it being January and only several days after the New Year celebrations, the QuizWhizzers were there to support the StreetLife Stay at Home HONESTY Quiz Night. With seven teams and 36 players, we raised a total of €220.00 – a good start to 2022. 


Team Pacho were the winners this month and Liz won the “Ticket” Draw.


Thank you QuizWhizzers - we really appreciate your continued support.