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StreetLife Animal

Sterilisation Programme

Programa de Esterilização Animal

Associação StreetLife: 515 892 750

Sterilisations to date

 Friday, 15 December



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Donations help to reduce unwanted litters of puppies and strays!

Crédit Agricole  (Moncarapacho)

Account No. : 40331764460
Name : Associação StreetLife






StreetLife has launched a fundraising campaign with Artist, Tina McEvoy. 

Click here for more information.

StreetLife is working on a new project with  talented artist.....
               Tina McEvoy.

Please click here for more about the  kindness of this lovely artist.

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Art for Dogs...... I create the art,
                you give it a meaning...
                together we take art to
                        another level ...
                 we make a difference ...

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CLICK HERE to go to our Portuguese website

CLIQUE AQUI para ir ao nosso site português

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We recently announced that StreetLife and the Uniao de Freguesia de Moncarapacho e Fuseta would collaborate on our campaign .... Be Wise.... Sterilise!.  This is a first for StreetLife.... local authorities promoting and co-ordinating our efforts to address a community challenge.  Our campaign is about providing assistance for low-income families who perhaps don't have access to social media and we'll continue our search for additional ways in which to promote the sterilisation of dogs in our region.  Click on the links to access a poster about Low Cost Sterilisation (English) and (Portuguese).  Please feel free to distribute, wherever possible, our printer-friendly handout about our initiative.


Sterilisation application forms are available from the Junta and assistance with completion, if necessary and we now have ONLINE FORM for requesting assistance with sterilisations so please spread the word – let’s get all abandoned dogs and pets sterilised and end the suffering.    Click here to access the form. 

As we see this campaign succeed, we'll reach out to other Freguesias to persuade them to promote our initiative..... we aspire to see our Be Wise.... Sterilise! campaign launched throughout Portugal - let's end the suffering and make a difference!

For more information, send an email to : and click here to access our simple flyer, also for distribution.

1 JULY.....We are so proud to announce sterilisation No 700!!!  Without supporters and our team, we would not be able to make this great announcement.  Thank you all so much for your support!

Together, we can make the difference!

 Now..... on to No 800!

2 December 2022

StreetLife..... Twelve Dogs for Christmas!

Dear Santa and StreetLife friends!  


Over the next 12 days, 12 or our StreetLife dogs who've already been sterilised, will be asking you to help with the sterilisation of another dog by asking you to join us as a StreetBuddy.  We're so keen to see how many StreetBuddies each doggie will recruit.


What a fabulous Christmas present you could gift to another dog.... a wagging tail and a puppy-free New year.  Click here to read more about our campaign and if you'd like to read more about applying to be a StreetBuddy, please visit our StreetBuddy page on this website.

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19 November 2022

Tina McEvoy Art Exhibition - 19 November.....

A huge thank you to Tina McEvoy and "Art for Dogs" for a donation of €615 to StreetLife.

Click here for photos and more information about her exhibition.


Thank you Tina for dedicating your talent to causes like ours!

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17 November 2022

Wine Tasting Dinner - 17 November.....

A wonderful evening, with €1'835 raised - to have a look at the photos… click here.  


Of course, without our supporters, we could not hold these successful events that contribute so much to StreetLife's efforts! 

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31 October 2022

StreetNotes - October.....

Our StreetNotes for October is attached… click here.  Look out for the Art Exhibition for StreetLife at Vila Monte on the 17th November plus a StreetBuddy Christmas Coffee and Cake Morning planned by the new team (Dizzie, Janet & Maggie).  They will be sending out invitations to all StreetBuddies in the next several days.


Thank you for your continued support and I hope to see many of you very soon.

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31 October 2022

Thank you to Uta and Tina McEvoy.....


Thank you for your donation of €140.00 to StreetLife as a result of "art to help dogs" …. Tina McEvoy..... I am sure it will give you years of pleasure looking at your beautiful painting and knowing how much it has helped our local dogs.  


With the help of our supporters, StreetLife is going from strength to strength. Working as a team we are all making a difference, once again a BIG thank you for your support.



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31 October 2022

StreetLife Newsletter Q3.....


Please click here to read our latest StreetLife Newsletter.  Lots of news.... a new "Poster Girl", news about our Be Wise... Sterilise September campaign, a call for more StreetEyes and StreetBuddies, Coffee mornings, the StreetSaver opportunity, a huge thank you to so many people, facts and figures around the costs relative to our work, a doggie story about Sammy... read all about us!

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Upcoming Events

Please go to our News & Events page to see the details.

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ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS... FASHION AND FIZZ! - DATE CHANGE  - Spring, 2023.  DETAILS TO FOLLOW.  It'll be a lovely relax by the pool with a glass of something fizzy!  Click here to see the poster.

Recent Events

Please go to our News & Events page to see the details.

TINA McEVOY ART EXHIBITION  -  Saturday, 19 November.  €615 RAISED!    Click here to see the photos and more information about this event.  Our sincere thanks to the talented Tina and her kind donations to causes like ours.

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CHARITY WINE TASTING - VILA MONTE  - Tuesday, 17 November.  A NIGHT TO REMEMBER.... €1'835 RAISED!  Thank you afpop ea, Vila Monte and all of our supporters and guests. We had 100 guests.... it was a wonderful evening.  Click here to see the photos and more information about the evening.

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STREETLIFE'S 5TH BIRTHDAY - Saturday, 1 September.  €1536.00 RAISED!!!  A very successful evening... it was wonderful to see our supporters again.... mask free and enjoying our birthday bash.  Click here for more.

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LUNCH IN THE GARDEN with ANN  - Saturday, 1 October. THANKS FOR  €200 DONATION  please click here if you'd like to read more.