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StreetLife Animal

Sterilisation Programme

Programa de Esterilização Animal

Associação StreetLife: 515 892 750

Sterilisations to date

 Saturday, 2 December


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Donations help to reduce unwanted litters of puppies and strays!

Crédit Agricole  (Moncarapacho)

Account No. : 40331764460
Name : Associação StreetLife





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Be wise...


Please click here for the English version of the online application form for sterilisation.
Por favor, clique aqui para a versão portuguesa deste formulário

Our Be Wise.... Sterilise! campaign has produced amazing results!  By the end of 2022, we had sterilised 785 dogs!  By 4 February this year, we had organised another 115 sterilisations to reach 800 and on 25 June, we announced the sterilisation of a further 100 dogs, reaching our 900 target. This is a major achievement........ our sincerest gratitude goes to our fans, friends and supporters and last but not least, the StreetLife team - thank you for helping to make this such a proud moment for StreetLife!  


Our campaign is a first for StreetLife.... local authorities joining us in promoting and co-ordinating efforts to address a community challenge.  This campaign serves to provide assistance for low-income families who perhaps don't have access to social media. Sterilisation application forms are available from the Junta and assistance with completion is also available, if necessary.  Click on the links to access posters about Low Cost Sterilisation (English) and (Portuguese).  Please feel free to distribute, wherever possible, our printer-friendly handout about this initiative.  

As we see this campaign succeed, we hope to reach out to other Freguesias in order to persuade them to promote our initiative..... our goal is to see our Be Wise.... Sterilise! campaign launched throughout Portugal - let's end the suffering and make a difference!

For more information, send an email to : and click here to access our simple flyer, also for distribution.



Be Wise....





Every StreetEye, every StreetBuddy, everyone who has donated coins, every Sponsor and every Partner Vet... together we have achieved 1000 sterilisations.  Click here to read about Lady, our beautiful No 1000!!! If you'd like to know more about adopting Lady, please send us an email.   Have a look at our Success Stories and the journey StreetLife has had in successfully sterilising so many dogs..... sterilisation is the only comprehensive solution for reducing stray, abandoned and unwanted litters of puppies!


We are a team, we are all part of our StreetLife family making a BIG difference to our local EA community and to the lives of so many dogs.

1,100.... here we come.... let's get snipping!

Thank you!!..... from StreetLife.

StreetLife needs volunteers.... please lend a hand.....

With the increased need for the StreetLife's sterilisation services, our teams are in need of some assistance.  We're wondering if any of our friends and/or supporters would be able to spare a few hours each week or a few €s each month.......

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With a commitment of just €5

per month, our efforts to

sterilise stray and/or abused

animals can continue.  Read more.....

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Never underestimate the power of a coin...... StreetLife would be thrilled to take your coins.  Read more....

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This is an area where we really need just a few hours each week. For those able to communicate in Portuguese, we would be so grateful for your contribution.  Our StreetEye volunteers assist with the identification of pet owners in the community who would benefit from StreetLife's assistance. We are so keen to continue our work to allevia suffering and cruelty in our region.  Read more on this site ..... Click here for the poster.

28 November 2023

Art for Dogs, Tina McEvoy.....

Another beautiful painting from Tina McEvoy called "Memorias II" for our December submission for the Art for Dogs programme, so kindly supported by Tina for StreetLife's Sterilisation Programme!

Please click here to read more about this lovely painting and if you'd like to see more of Tina's work, please click here to go to her website. 


18 November 2023

A new puppy?  Ten tips!.....

Taken from an article in the Whole Dog Journal, we're providing some information on how to socialise your puppy, preventing separation/isolation anxiety, housetraining, chewing, positive training, having fun, fast recall, touch, enjoying car rides and reinforcement.

Click here to read the article. 


18 November 2023

StreetLife's Thanks Anja & her Dog Walking/House-Sitting Team for their €2,000 Donation!.....

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!


Anja's donation is a result of dog walking and house-sitting services.... all funds raised are donated to animal charities, mainly associated with sterilisation programmes... StreetLife being one of them.

Words of thanks are never enough; but if we had a tail it would be wagging - thank you! 

Take a look at Anja's website to find out what she does.

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18 November 2023

Thank you to Tina McEvoy & Art for Dogs for her Donation.....

Tina McEvoy, a visual artists creating art to help dogs held an Art Exhibition in the lovely receiption are of Octant Vila Monte the day of our Charity Wine Tasting Dinner on 16 November.  As a result, donations were received for a whopping SIX of her paintings and €776.00 was donated to StreetLife as a result, making an incredible difference to our local animal sterilisation programme.  Thanks must go to Jenny, Mari, Reijo, Holly, Kirsti and Sandra who all went home with a lovely piece of Tina's artwork!


Tina is a very talented artist and her contribution and support is so very appreciated by us all at StreetLife.  Why not take a look at Tina's website, or her FB page and watch out for her Monthly Artwork postings for StreetLife. 


16 November 2023

StreetLife's Wine Tasting and Dinner.....

A MASSIVE thank you for making our Wine Tasting Dinner at Octant Vila Monte such a success.  An incredible €2392.00 was raised for our local EA Animal Sterilisation Programme, StreetLife.  


Everyone appeared to be very buzzy and happy with the evening…. and I know from many comments that the Fiuza Wine got the thumbs up.  It was an incredible evening from start to finish; even the weather was kind to us so the Welcome glass of fizz was served outside on the terrace.


To all of the 101 guests who attended the event... you have all helped to make a difference..... Thank you!  Please click here to see the photos and to read more about our sponsors and helpers.  Send us an email if you'd like to have copies of any of the photos.


6 November 2023

Our sincere thanks to Prime Wine.....

At StreetLife, we've always thought that our supporters were fabulous, but although we suspected, it's confirmed that you're all wine lovers too!  The 400+ bottles of Terres Nobles Rosé wine donated by PRIME WINE has resulted in StreetLife raising just under €900.00 for our Animal Sterilisation Programme.


On behalf of StreetLife, thank you all so much for your support and a massive thanks to Bill Godley at PRIME WINE....  Bill has asked us to mention the PRIME WINE database.... all the specials offers are listed there and apparently, there's one coming up in November. Your information will NOT be shared unless you give us permission to send Bill your email address.  Please let me know if you're happy for us to pass on your details. 


30 October 2023

Strays in Portugal..... 

In the latest Portugal Resident, there's an article on the number of stray animals in Portugal.... it probably won't come as a surprise to you all that the number has increased significantly..... towards the end of 2022, the number of stray animals were estimated at 50,000!  Click here to read the article.


"Animal Ombudsman, Laurentina Pedroso has warned there are around 80,000 animals held in collection centres up and down the country, a situation that also worries municipalities, writes Lusa, some of which don’t know what to do with the animals.

And this is the part the committee did not address: the dozens of private shelters, which are also full to bursting – and spending thousands of euros every year on animal feed and veterinary bills."

The only solution to this problem is sterilisation..... StreetLife has been working tirelessly to sterilise as many pets and stray dogs as possible and we'll continue to do so, without any other assistance above what is provided by our wonderful supporters..... as always, our deepest gratititude goes to you....... together, we can make a difference!

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30 October 2023

Teaching your dog to heel.....

We've prepared an article with information from the Dog Journal to provide some insights into teaching your dog to walk on a loose lead, obeying commands and making walkies fun for you both.  Of course, there are lots of tricks that work and trainers offer differing advice, but click here to read the full article.


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