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Time to Smile...or be Goofy - February 2021.... €325.00 raised.

The main idea of our "Time to Smile" Competition was to have some fun and to share our dogs' smiles across the East Algarve.  StreetLife works very closely with several shelters, in particular APAR and Cacela Dog Haven - who were both involved in our Sterilisation Awareness Month. All shelters are full to maximum capacity at the moment with unwanted puppies and abandoned dogs.


The shelters do such excellent work rescuing and then socialising dogs, preparing them for adoption and new homes. Therefore, part of our "Time to Smile" Competition is to highlight our Smile Gallery and some of the gorgeous doggies they have who are waiting for homes. Please try to visit the shelters and offer a poor dog or puppy a loving home!

Click here to read more about the event and click here to see the poster.

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