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"I live in the most southern region of Portugal, the Algarve, and after many years of painting I felt that it was time to do something meaningful with my art.  So I decided to combine two things close to my heart - being creative and helping abandoned dogs.

Together we can make a difference."

Click on the links to visit Tina's website and Facebook page.

We are delighted to announce that StreetLife is one of two charities chosen by Quelfes artist Tina McEvoy for her innovative art project, “art to help dogs”. Tina creates colourful eye-catching abstract paintings. Her art is just as beautiful as her project.

Her project is, like most great ideas, very simple. If you want to own one of her pieces of art, Tina will ask you to make a donation to StreetLife and she will send you the painting as a gift. 100% of your donation will be used to sterilise female dogs - really amazing!

This is what Tina has to say about her project:

“My project gives you the opportunity to own a special piece of art and with your help, together with my paintings, we can

actually make a difference. I find this the most inspiring and rewarding part of the creative process. Together we can give

art a meaning.  This project is team work. I create the art and put a little bit of my heart and soul into each painting ... I do

hope you can feel and see this.


Have you ever felt that you would like to try and stop this needless suffering of puppies? Perhaps now is the time to own a

piece of art that will remind you of the good you have done every time you look at it. Together we can achieve something.


The number of puppies a female dog will give birth to in her lifetime, if left unsterilised, is staggering! It is an astonishing

number. Sadly, many of these unwanted puppies will suffer and die. Only a few will be lucky enough to be rescued by one

of the overstretched dog shelters and hopefully then get adopted by a loving family. Realistically there are not enough homes.

Chances are that these dogs will spend most of their life in a dog shelter unable to ever find their forever home. Especially

now, with the increasing cost of living, dog ownership will get more expensive and many people simply won’t be able to

afford to adopt a dog.


I believe that working together and supporting the StreetLife Animal Sterilisation Programme, we can reduce unwanted

puppies, unnecessary suffering and the never-ending demand on dog shelters to house these poor souls”.


Click here to see some of Tina's paintings!


Together we can give art a meaning ... together we can make a difference .... together we can give dogs hope!

Please support StreetLife and Tina’s “art to help dogs” project by following Facebook page:

All of Tina’s paintings are available to view on her website or on Instagram:

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