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Sterilisation Success Stories

(No 500 onwards)

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We now have our ONLINE FORM for requesting assistance with sterilisation so please spread the word... let’s get all abandoned dogs and pets sterilised and end the suffering.    Click here to access the form



Treve and Sharron over at Cacela Dog Haven asked for help with Bella who belongs to a local shepherd and recently gave birth to 7 puppies.  Bella moved into the haven to nurse the pups and the farmer was really happy to have her home again once the puppies were weaned and there was no danger of more litters.  CDH will rehome the puppies.

Little Bonnie's story is very sad. Her owner died some time ago, and the owner's mother took her in.  There are another six dogs in the unfenced garden, so when Bonnie went on heat we thought she may be pregnant again.  StreetEye Carla was contacted and as soon as we could, we got her to the vet.  Fortunately, she was not pregnant, but we won’t have to worry about that any more!



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A while ago we snipped young Draco (see No 480 below) and here is his buddy Lord, also a 7-month old pit bull.  Owner Susana and her boyfriend from Faro have two more dogs which we will get to soon so that everything can remain calm in their household.


Mr Brown


Two year old Maggy lives in Olhão with her owner Lina.  Because she’s a good looking girl, Maggy attracts unwelcome attention from the local lads when she’s on heat, so Lina decided she ought to be sterilised.  StreetEye Carla visited her to assess the situation and we decided to help with a donation from Lina towards the costs of the surgery.  Excellent work from Carla, as usual!

Romina (Faro) found little 8-month old Ollie in a rubbish bin last year.  Ollie went on heat and obviously attracted some unwanted attention.  Because the Câmara was not interested in helping her with sterilisation, she contacted us through Facebbok.  After a few false starts, we finally got Ollie to one of our partner Vets and the sterilisation was done! 

Janet (Loulé)  took in a couple of stray dogs and all was good until there was some strife, resulting in Mr Brown being injured.  Janet got him patched up, but decided she didn’t want this to happen again so asked us for help to have both snipped to quieten them down and stop them from causing any trouble elsewhere.  So Mr Brown has now been snipped, and the second dog (aptly named Trouble) will be done very soon.


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This big boy is Bruce – a 14-month old Alentejo who rescued by Treve and Sharron (Cacela Dog Haven) earlier this year.  He was malnourished, under weight and had leish. Once he was well again, StreetLife was asked to sponsor his snip so he could be put up for adoption.  Obviously we agreed and Bruce has now been adopted and is settling in to his new life.  Well done everyone!





Our friends at 2ndHand4Footers asked for help to sterilise Jade who has already had several litters.  Where do the pups go – who knows? Probably better not to ask!  A young Portuguese girl (a friend and sort of like an unofficial StreetEye) from Alportel said Jade should be sterilised – good thinking.  Of course we agreed and everything is taken care of now.

Minie is a very sweet 3-year old girl (Moncarapacho) whose owner, Denise, worries each time she goes on heat that she’ll become pregnant.  Although fenced, Minie sometimes manages to escape through the gate.  Denise could not afford the full sterilisation fee so StreetEye Carla stepped in to help.  No more unwanted litters!

Janet from Loule took a couple of stray males off the street and they unfortunately had a fight resulting in injury to one!  (Mr Brown – see No 502 below).  So now it’s the aptly-named Trouble’s turn to be snipped to calm him down a bit and let him roam amongst the local ladies; and here he is.  Definitely looks a bit naughty, so good luck Janet!

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500th Sterilisation in April 2021!