Sterilisation Success Stories

(No 500 onwards)

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We now have our ONLINE FORM for requesting assistance with sterilisation so please spread the word... let’s get all abandoned dogs and pets sterilised and end the suffering.    Click here to access the form

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Maria lives in social housing in Olhão with her two dogs Likat and Safari.  Our friends at ADAPO knew of the situation and asked if we could help with their sterilisation because being chaps, there was the occasional scrap whenever a local lady was on heat.  We met up at the vet to discuss the situation and we agreed to help, with a donation from Maria.  Peace and quiet now! 





Renato lives near Loulé with little Catita who he wanted to sterilise but could not afford the normal cost having lost his job due to Covid.  He saw a StreetLife poster in a local café, put there by one of our StreetEyes and contacted us for help.  We agreed and with a donation from Renato, all is now good.  Simple!

Maria lives in social housing in Olhão with her two dogs Likat and Safari.  Our friends at ADAPO knew of the situation and asked if we could help with their sterilisation because being chaps, there was the occasional scrap whenever a local lady was on heat.  We met up at the vet to discuss the situation and we agreed to help, with a donation from Maria.  Peace and quiet now! 



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This strange looking girl is 3-year old Isis; we don’t know what breed she is but she has virtually no hair on her body; just on top of her head.  She was rescued by Sandra from a family in Olhão that were not taking good care of her.  It was important to get Isis sterilised but Sandra could not afford the normal costs so with a donation, we agreed to help and everything worked out fine. 





Vanessa (Laranjeiro) took home a small puppy she found near a garbage bin but Preta grew up and started jumping the fence to meet other dogs.  So…. she became pregnant twice!  Vanessa kept one of the male puppies and her mother contacted StreetEye Carla about preventing a repeat. With a donation from Vanessa, we agreed to help and now everyone can relax, even if Preta manages to get out again.



Rudi (Olhão) has this 2-year old German shepherd named Lela. She's already had a litter of 10 puppies, so Rudi was keen to sterilise her but the price quoted was out of his reach.  When Lela went on heat again, they couldn’t prevent a male dog from visiting.  The Vet suggested StreetLife for a termination and sterilisation and with a donation, we agreed to help.  Now everyone can relax.



Sad but not uncommon, Lady’s owners live near one of the StreetLife team.  She was pregnant and her owners weren’t interested in doing anything, even after a visit.  After another pregnancy they asked for help to rehome the puppies and sterilise Lady.  StreetEye Roseane collected some of the puppies for rehoming via APAR.  StreetLife organised the sterilisation but the promised donation never materialised.

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Luna was found on the streets of Olhão by Sara, full of fleas and ticks.  The vet check revealed no chip but Luna had tick fever and an inguinal hernia.  Sara was not able to trace the owner.  The Vet costs were too much for Sara so StreetEye Carla got involved and we agreed to help.  Luna has now been adopted and lives with Sara and her other dog and they all get along fine.

This is Chakira who is 12 years old but still managed to get pregnant because her owner Celeste didn’t keep an eye on her when she went on heat. Celeste contacted our friends at ADAPO and they asked whether StreetLife could help to resolve the situation because Celeste’s financial situation was not very good.  We agreed to help with a small donation from Celeste and everything was taken care of

Look at that face – how could you not fall in love with her? That’s exactly what happened when 1-year old Miska was rescued from the streets around Olhão by Debora. Because no one came forward as her owner and as she had no microchip, Debora decided to adopt her.  Unemployment meant she couldn’t afford the full vet fees so she contacted StreetLife and we agreed to help. All sorted!









Sandra (Pechão) contacted us in March on behalf of her neighbour Augusto, Zoe’s owner. Despite attempts to isolate her Zoe became pregnant and had 7 puppies so Sandra helped with rehoming the weaned puppies and contacted us about sterilising Zoe.  Unemployment due to Covid plus three children means finances are tight so we agreed to help Augusto. Here's Zoe, waiting for her op!

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This is 18 month old Estrelinha…… rescued along with her two brothers by Maria who runs a small private shelter near Faro.  Maria found homes for the two boys but little Estrelinha stayed with her and the other “inmates” at the shelter.  We’ve helped Maria before (see No 513) so we were happy to support her again with Estrelinha.

Lassie lives with Minie (sterilised in April – see No 505) and owner Denise in a house with a small fenced yard. Unfortunately, the two girlies often manage to escape through the gate and Denise is always worried they will come back pregnant. So now it’s Lassie’s turn, and StreetEye Carla took care of things again. ... thank you Carla 





Nola (5 years old - Faro) lives with Isidoro and his wife in small apartment. Isidoro’s daughter lost her job so had to move in with them with her boyfriend (!).  She also kindly adopted a stray male dog  from the streets, so now there are 4 people and 2 dogs living in a small apartment!  The daughter reached out for help and StreetEye Carla came to the rescue and Nola was snipped.



Pã (1 year old) lives with his sister Gaia (sterilised in Jan; see No 472) and their owner Sónia.  They were both adopted from APAR and now, Pã’s hormones have kicked in and he's been searching for ladies now that Gaia is off-limits.  There were problems with neighbours who had unsterilised females, so Sónia contacted ever-active StreetEye Carla and we agreed to help.  Hopefully, it’s all a little calmer . . .



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This big girl called Zimbra is just 7 months old (São Brás de Alportel).  She was adopted by Daniel last December.  We sterilised a dog named Honey back in 2019 (No 225) - she belonged to Daniel’s daughter Susana, who contacted us again to ask if we could help her father because the pandemic was severely limiting the family income.  We agreed and all is good in the household now.

Deborah (Faro) rescued Menina from the streets and because she already has a male dog, wisely decided to get the new family member sterilised.  Finances were very tight due to the pandemic so she asked SOS Algarve Animals for help and because it was our area, they contacted us.  Great to see cooperation working between charities in this field. A good team effort.

Marcos (Fuseta) found walking Dayse a challenge with unwelcome attention from roaming males when she went on heat.  Marcos realised that Dayse should be sterilised but lockdown meant that he couldn’t afford the full cost.  StreetEye Carla visited and we agreed to help with a donation from Marcos.  Everything went well and walks are a little calmer now. 

Last month we sterilised Luna (see No 515) who belongs to Clara; referred to us by SOS Algarve Animals.  This is 9-year old Nina who belongs to Clara’s mother Maria.  Nina was on heat when we got the application so she was kept out of harm’s way and then she was whisked in to one of our partner vets.  The “yellow eye” in the photo makes her look a bit ferocious . . . she’s really a little sweetie.









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Like so many others, Zuma was found alone on the street at a young age.  Manuel rescued and adopted him in a home with a female… and lots of space.  After having to move, Zuma became anxious and then aggressive with other dogs. A friend contacted StreetLife and StreetEye Carla did the assessment and we agreed to help.  Zuma is snipped and calm now!

Nika was adopted by Ricardo and his wife around 3 years ago after seeing her being given away at a market near Tavira. She’s very friendly and not so tiny now!  The family wanted her sterilised and contacted APAR because they needed financial help - he was referred to StreetLife.  StreetEye Carla assessed the situation and we agreed to help.  Good work everyone. 

This happy looking lady is 4 year old Princesa who was rescued and taken to the APAR shelter.  She was pregnant, gave birth and all her puppies have been adopted (well done people!).   She needed to be sterilised because she’s sharing a pen with an uncastrated male so we don’t want the same thing to happen again.  StreetyEye Roseane took care of things as usual – thank you. 

Here is the photo that gave 18-month old Honey her new home with a member of the StreetLife team!  She is the sister of Iris (see No 516) and was rescued by APAR from an abusive situation. Fortunately, she wasn’t pregnant so sterilisation was happily undertaken – good news. 😊  Now she’s sterilised, chipped, groomed, vaccinated and thoroughly spoiled – a proper happy ending all round. 









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The lovely 10-month old Iris lived with her sister (Honey) and had owners with an alcohol problem who beat them - as a result, Iris is very nervous. The good news is that along with their mother, they were rescued by APAR.  StreetEye Roseane who also works at APAR asked for our help and Iris was sterilised immediately.  She’s being socialised now, but please contact APAR if you’re able to give her a home.

StreetLife cooperates with other animal welfare associations; working together makes us stronger!  Here we have the first of two dogs referred by SOS Algarve Animals.  Clara (Olhão) was referred to us because her 1-year old female, Luna, unfortunately became pregnant.  We agreed to take over the case and now little Luna is able to play without fear of further problems.  Watch this space for No 2!

Maria (Faro) helps dogs in gipsy camps and Streetlife has helped her before.  She recently asked us for help with 1-year old Violeta who was pregnant and likely to produce several unwanted pups that would probably “disappear” into the surrounding area.  Fortunately, Violeta’s owner was happy for us to intervene (not always the case) and Violeta was taken care of - well done Maria!

Piralha is a nervous stray taken in by Ana Maria in Moncarapacho and it has been difficult to socialise her. Without a microchip and no response to a search for the owner, Ana Maria made her part of the family.  As Ana Maria has other dogs and lives in the countryside, there was always the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, so StreetEye Carla was contacted and after a visit, we decided to help.









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Treve and Sharron over at Cacela Dog Haven asked for help with Bella who belongs to a local shepherd and recently gave birth to 7 puppies.  Bella moved into the haven to nurse the pups and the farmer was really happy to have her home again once the puppies were weaned and there was no danger of more litters.  CDH will rehome the puppies.

Little Bonnie's story is very sad. Her owner died some time ago, and the owner's mother took her in.  There are another six dogs in the unfenced garden, so when Bonnie went on heat we thought she may be pregnant again.  StreetEye Carla was contacted and as soon as we could, we got her to the vet.  Fortunately, she was not pregnant, but we won’t have to worry about that any more!

Apolinária (Moncarapacho) and her son do their best to look after a few animals.  She decided to adopt a stray - 8-year old Calinas who’d given birth recently.  She asked StreetLife to help with sterilisation once the pups were weaned but Calinas was diagnosed with Leish.  After a course of medication, the sterilisation was done - all sorted now!

Happy is a big dog – a Rafeiro Alentejano/Border Collie mix (35/40kg) and was causing problems with owner Susanne’s other dogs as his hormones started to kick in. 😊  Fortunately, Susanne’s female dog is sterilised but the other male dog is too old for all this silliness, so she asked for help with getting Happy snipped so that some calm could return to the household.  Job done!









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This big boy is Bruce – a 14-month old Alentejo rescued by Treve and Sharron (Cacela Dog Haven) earlier this year.  He was malnourished, under weight and had leish. Once he was well again, StreetLife was asked to sponsor his snip so he could be put up for adoption.  Obviously we agreed and Bruce has now been adopted and is settling in to his new life.  Well done everyone!

Our friends at 2ndHand4Footers asked for help to sterilise Jade who has already had several litters.  Where do the pups go – who knows? Probably better not to ask!  A young Portuguese girl (a friend and sort of like an unofficial StreetEye) from Alportel said Jade should be sterilised – good thinking.  Of course we agreed and everything is taken care of now.

Minie is a very sweet 3-year old girl (Moncarapacho) whose owner, Denise, worries each time she goes on heat that she’ll become pregnant.  Although fenced, Minie sometimes manages to escape through the gate.  Denise could not afford the full sterilisation fee so StreetEye Carla stepped in to help.  No more unwanted litters!









Janet from Loulé took a couple of stray males off the street and they unfortunately had a fight resulting in injury to one!  (Mr Brown – see No 502).  So now it’s the aptly-named Trouble’s turn to be snipped to calm him down a bit and let him roam amongst the local ladies; and here he is.  Definitely looks a bit naughty, so good luck Janet!

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Romina (Faro) found little 8-month old Ollie in a rubbish bin last year.  Ollie went on heat and obviously attracted some unwanted attention.  Because the Câmara was not interested in helping her with sterilisation, she contacted us through Facebook.  After a few false starts, we finally got Ollie to one of our partner Vets and the sterilisation was done! 

  Mr Brown




A while ago we snipped young Draco (see No 480) and here is his buddy Lord, also a 7-month old pit bull.  Owner Susana and her boyfriend from Faro have two more dogs which we will get to soon so that everything can remain calm in their household.


Janet (Loulé)  took in a couple of stray dogs and all was good until there was some strife, resulting in Mr Brown being injured.  Janet got him patched up, but decided she didn’t want this to happen again so asked us for help to have both snipped to quieten them down and stop them from causing any trouble elsewhere.  So Mr Brown has now been snipped, and the second dog (aptly named Trouble) will be done very soon.

Two year old Maggy lives in Olhão with her owner Lina.  Because she’s a good looking girl, Maggy attracts unwelcome attention from the local lads when she’s on heat, so Lina decided she ought to be sterilised.  StreetEye Carla visited her to assess the situation and we decided to help with a donation from Lina towards the costs of the surgery.  Excellent work from Carla, as usual!



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500th Sterilisation in April 2021!