€uro Days

                        Donate €1 (or more) on our €uro Days

An initiative suggested by one of our lovely StreetBuddies, whereby on our €uro Days, we will ask you if you can donate €1 or more to StreetLife to help us sterilise more dogs.

We are not expecting a donation of €1 every week from all of you..... but we are hoping that during a month there may be at least one week you can donate €1 or more.  We have over 800 Facebook supporters and if everyone donated a small amount each month, it would make a big difference.

PLEASE share this initiative with your family and friends...... every cent counts!  With your help, we can continue our work and we can all help make a difference.

Each €uro Day we feature one of the many dogs sterilised by StreetLife who can now play without getting themselves or others into trouble.

Be part of our €uro Days.... every €1 makes a difference!

The response we are receiving from our weekly Euro appeals is amazing. Even if we only get a few euros each week it all helps to sterilise one dog... and every dog sterilised makes a difference.

We're sorry to keep asking, but fundraising is particularly difficult at the moment and the fun events are not possible to organise..... we must keep sterilising!

If you haven't donated already, can you please spare a few euros this week and remember to choose "family and friends" if you donate through PayPal.

Every sterilisation = less unwanted puppies & strays = less suffering & cruelty



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