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€uro Days

                        Donate €1 (or more) on our €uro Days

January 2021

We started our Euro Days in June 2020. It was at a time when StreetLife could not organise any social events because of Covid restrictions.  As you can imagine, for us to be able to continue our sterilisations, we need donations. One of our StreetBuddies suggested starting the €uro Days on a weekly basis. No donation was too small.... or too large!


Our first one was posted on our Facebook page on June 4th and we raised €250.00 that week... during the rest of June we received a fantastic €557.80 in total. Wow! What a result for our first month.  We carried on with weekly €uro days until the 4th September and raised €1738.28 in total.

At the time we had a few other sponsorships on the go to raise money and we didn’t want our supporters to feel as if we were permanently asking for money so we put the €uro Days on hold for the remainder of 2020.

We are now in 2021 and we are “reinventing” €uro Days


They will no longer be weekly and they will not be monthly. They will probably be once per quarter (every three months) unless there is a special reason. 


The aim of our New StreetLife €uro Days will be to raise additional funds when we have a special project.....  perhaps to help a dog or a situation that requires extra funding.  For example:

  • We may be in the process of helping an owner to sterilise their dog and discover it may need some other medical treatment before it can be sterilised and the owner may not have the funds. Our New StreetLife €uro Days will help. 

  • On occasions, unwanted puppies are discovered and a shelter / fosterer may need special food to help the puppies survive or they may need special treatment which results in unexpected veterinary bills ... then at some stage they can be sterilised.  Our new StreetLife €uro Days will help give those puppies hope.

  • A stray dog that’s been rescued and sterilised may have the opportunity to be rehomed outside of Portugal and help is required with the cost of all of the arrangements. Our New StreetLife €uro Days will help give that dog a new life.

  • Our New StreetLife Euro Days will be for unexpected / emergency situations, or a mini project and then we will request help from our supporters with funding / donations for a specific situation.


€uro Days will bring help to those dogs needing more than a sterilisation to survive and we will ask our StreetLife supporters for their kind donations to give them the chance of a better life.

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